Lose the 'tyre kickers' and receive alerts about property whose owners are serious about wanting to sell

I’m tired of chasing leads that don’t turn into contracts!

This was the comment we heard many, many times from the real estate agents we spoke with. Too often their time spent putting together marketing collateral and pitch documents, as well as the resources they used, was wasted as conversations never turned into contracts.

MakeMy.Sale is designed to weed out the information seekers and only present you with warm leads. Our leads aim to have the highest conversion rate of all lead generators, which translates into more potential property listings for you.

So how does it work?

Using MakeMy.Sale, property owners will provide you with as much detail as they can, including some pictures, to help you as you prepare your proposal. All this takes a little time and effort, disqualifying prospects with a low level of interest, so only those with a genuine desire to sell will complete the forms.

This natural pre-selection process saves you time (and money!) when compared with traditional lead-acquisition methods such as purchased email mailing lists, telephone cold calls, or mailbox drops, which typically have only marginal success.

MakeMy.Sale connects you directly with property owners who are committed to selling their property.

The process in action:howto makemysale realestateagent

  1. Property owners list their property with MakeMy.Sale, and include details like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking space, rateable value, property size, some photos, and detailed descriptions
  2. You will automatically receive an alert of a new listing in your area and be able to see some high-level information about the property
  3. If you decide to participate and wish to submit a proposal for consideration by the vendor, you create an account to unlock the property details (including the exact address) and access the necessary forms to submit a proposal to the listing panel
  4. After a fixed period (usually 7 days) the listing panel closes, and the property owner reviews all submitted proposals. They select the real estate agent best suited to meet their needs
  5. We then provide you with the contact details of the property owner to make contact to finalise the sales contract terms and to sign the sales agreement

Note: There are only five places on the listing panel so once five proposals are submitted no other real estate agents can submit a proposal. These are released on a ‘first to respond and submit basis, unless the property owner has specifically invited you to participate in the process. For any agents who are in this category, a notification is sent 12 hours ahead of other agents in the area receiving an alert.