Why Make.My Sale makes sense...

What is different about MakeMy.Sale?

MakeMy.Sale aims to connect genuine sellers with keen real estate agents who are serious about selling property.

As a result of our innovative and simple process, you are offered a selection of engaged real estate agents. You then select the one that best suits your needs by comparing their submitted proposals e.g. commission rates, marketing approaches and information about their sales track record.

MakeMy.Sale saves you time by comparing the submitted information in a structured way and offers an in-built rating system for you to take notes and rank proposals.

MakeMy.Sale lets you review all the proposals easily, so if one agent doesn’t suit you, simply choose another one.

How much does it cost me?

MakeMy.Sale is free for property owners. In fact, it saves you money!

Why do I have to give so much information about my property?

The information you submit goes into our secure portal for the agents to view. Including as much detail as possible, together with a few good pictures, helps the real estate agents understand your property. It also means they will submit a realistic proposal.

What information will MakeMy.Sale disclose to the real estate agents before I accept a proposal?

Initially, all real estate agents within the geographic area you have selected will be informed about your MakeMy.Sale listing. This information is very high level and won’t allow anyone to identify your property.

Only the agents who decide to participate in the proposal process will see all the property details, with the exception of your contact details. Your contact details will only be revealed to the agent you select to sell your property.

It is a condition of using our services, that all real estate agents must confirm that they won’t use the property address to pay you a visit in person.

Why is there an listing panel?

At present, real estate agents use third-party List Brokers who sell property and contact information to them. These lists don’t necessarily contain accurate information and don’t always confirm that the properties on the list are going to be placed on the market for sale.

MakeMy.Sale is designed provide the real estate agents with access to genuine property sellers and help property owners find sales hungry real estate agents.

This model is far more transparent and beneficial for both vendors and agents since the agent only pays if they are selected by the property owner to sell their property.

What happens once I have selected my agent?

MakeMy.Sale suggests that you meet with your preferred real estate agent within one week to discuss the contractual agreement terms between you.

The agent is required to subtract the listing fee from their final invoice to you.

Who is notified of my listing?

We email a notification, with some high level details of your property, to all real estate agents in your geographical area, who have a current licence and have had no disciplinary history in the past 3 years.

Can I choose the real estate agents I want to participate?

You can use MakeMy.Sale to invite an agent you already know, or compare real estate agents of your choice with others that were recommended to you. Simply add the email address of your preferred agent(s) in the final step of the registration process to invite them to MakeMySale, and we will send them an invite 12 hours before everyone else.

Please only invite agents that you have not already met with to discuss your upcoming property sale, eg you have used them in the past.

Can I talk to the real estate agents before I make a selection?

Your selection decision will be made based on the detailed proposals submitted by the real estate agents, presented in our secure comparison framework.

You will be able to discuss the finer details of your selected agent’s proposal at your first meeting with them.

So how do I choose between the real estate agents?

MakeMy.Sale shows you all of the information provided by the real estate agents in an easy-to-compare system. You will base your decision on your priorities, which could be cost, proposed marketing strategy, or the sales results and experience of the agent.

What if I decide not to list at the end of the process?

MakeMy.Sale works best if you select a real estate agent at the end of the process and then meet with them to discuss their proposal. You may decide not to enter into a contract with the agent after you have met and that is fine. In that case, you simply relist your property on MakeMy.Sale and we exclude the agents who have already submitted proposals to you, from the next listing alert.

Do you take any upfront payments from agents or do you have preferred agents?

We are 100% independent of any agent or real estate agency.

Do you trade or broker property yourself?

We do not buy or sell property on a commercial basis (we are, however, all house owners in our personal capacity).

Do you have preferred agents?

We are 100% independent of any agent or real estate agency.

Ok, I’m convinced. How do I register?

Simply start by entering your address and follow the step-by-step process. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to set up a basic listing.

Wow, awesome! But how does it work?

Easy! Our 7-step process is designed to take the hard legwork of comparing real estate agents off your hands. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your property details (include details like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking space, rateable value, property size, some photos, and detailed descriptions) and list on MakeMy.Sale for free
  2. Real estate agents in your area will be alerted to your listing
  3. Within one week, you will receive up to five proposals from different real estate agents, including an estimated sale price for your property, information about the agent, their commission fees, their marketing approach, and their proposal price
  4. You make a decision based on a structured comparison of all proposals received
  5. You select the proposal that best suits your needs and we put you in contact with your chosen agent
  6. You meet your agent, confirm the sale conditions, contract terms and their fee
  7. Your agent puts your house on the market and works to sell your property for you

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