Find out how we got started and who is behind it!

NZ Housing

We want to make finding a real estate agent easy - not just any real estate agent - but the best one to suit your needs. We knew we had to remove the roadblocks and take away the hassle for property owners. But we also wanted to help real estate agents sort the tyre-kickers from the genuine vendors. And so MakeMy.Sale was born…

Local Impact

At MakeMy.Sale we believe that we all have a responsibility to manage the impact our business actions have on people and the environment, locally, regionally and globally. Where possible we will choose suppliers and partners that share those values. This includes our technology solutions, service partners and hardware suppliers.

We also apply this ‘choose local’ rule when we came to choosing our staff. Like many others, we could engage overseas developers but instead we chose to support local Nelson talent and engaged a young, local developer, Rebekah.

Social Impact

We constantly ask ourselves how we can have a positive impact on our people, our community and the environment, and consider our responsibilities in the world. We want to work in a business that contributes in a positive way so we have chosen to ensure 5% of our annual profit is donated to charities that provide housing for people in need.

Nelson, New Zealand - Startup Scene

Our Head Office is in Nelson, New Zealand - a beautiful place to live, work and play, Our team is heavily engaged in Local Foundation, a local community group that is actively working to bring great people, creative technologies and technology startups to our region. Learn more about this group here

Who we are

Our team

Our team grows constantly

Markus ErdmannCo-founder - CEO
Markus Erdman

Markus had the idea for MakeMy.Sale due to his work with Real Estate Agents in another project. As a property owner he knows the hassle of finding the right Real Estate Agent and getting the best deal between price and service. Markus has worked in various leading roles in the IT Industry in the past 20 years. He believes that technology solutions can be used to make the world a better place and that companies should consider their local impact.

Lenz GschwendtnerCo-founder - CTO
Lenz Gschwendtner

Lenz lives in small house, that’s just a tiny bit too big to be a tiny house. He has lived in a few cities in New Zealand and has had a few properties. He has numerous successful technology companies under his belt and is heavily engaged in the New Zealand Startup scene. As a technology guru and startup mentor he is the right person to support MakeMy.Sale and is the brain behind our technology.

Jane Treadwell-HoyeCo-founder - CMO

Jane and her husband own a slice of paradise near the beach in New Zealand’s Far North. She believes finding a good real estate agent, something that should be easy, and preferably digital, is actually pretty scary for many people. At MMS Jane overseas our marketing and customer initiatives, drawing on her 20+ years local and international experience. Jane is also founder/co-founder of a number of startups, a Startup Weekend organiser and mentor and Hackathon facilitator.

Rebekah CottomDeveloper
Rebekah Cottom

Rebekah has studied software development at Nelson NMIT and graduated 2015 with a Bachelor of Information Technology. She is a rising star in the local coding scene and is just about to climb up the property ladder.

Mr. ScrufflesCoder Cat
Mr. Scruffles

We had to mention him. Whenever there is a staff meeting or we are writing code for MakeMy.Sale he is there and tries to squeeze in between the keyboard and screen. We think he may have picked up a few tricks and we hope he might be able to code a feature for us in the near future. As a cat he is not really interested in the real estate market, though.